Witches Circle of Protection – How Do You Cast It

The Witches Circle of Protection marks the perimeter of your sacred space where you will perform your candle magic. The circle acts as a portal to the realm of the deities, as a protection from evil forces. It is mostly a psychological tool to put you in the right state of mind. Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It

Circle of Protection as a container for your personal energy

Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It1. Find a safe place to cast your circle. It can be indoors or outdoors, at midnight or early in the morning. The best place is somewhere you’ll feel comforted and at ease. Where you can commune in a way you prefer, for whatever ritual or ceremony, you hope to perform. If that’s your bedroom, basement, or garage, so be it.
Make sure that the place is private and free for as long as you’ll need the ceremony. Being interrupted in the middle of a ritual is a frustrating and even dangerous experience.

Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It2. Purify the place where you will cast your circle. First, purify your location physically by tidying up the spot and making things orderly. If you’re outdoors, clear the area of branches, leaves, and rocks. Next, cleanse the area spiritually. Meditating, use your hands (or a wand or broom) and push negative energy from the spot.
You could also try using a cleansing agent like witch hazel to cleanse the area – a couple of drops in each corner of the room and around the perimeter of the circle should be sufficient.

Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It3. Physically determine the bounds of your circle, if you want. Do this by drawing a circle on the floor, sprinkling salt water in a circle, or by laying a cord in a circle (make sure you tie it). You may use masking tape on the floor to mark out a circle with a diameter of about seven feet. You might mark a white circle on a sheet of material, making a useful portable circle of protection.
Alternatively, if you’re in the outdoors, consider using the elements of nature to create your circle.

Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It4. Place all the objects you will be using in your ritual inside the circle.
Make sure you will not be disturbed: aside from being uncomfortable, it can be dangerous to your psychic health. You can open the circle and close the circle at your will. Just say something like ‘I open this circle’, step out, then say ‘I close this circle’ and go on with what you wanted to do with your circle. Do not dismiss the circle, for all the energy you raised will be lost.

Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It 5. If you’re going to offer something to a spirit, remember to include that and everything you’ll need to prepare it.
Other favorite items to include in rituals include totems, black candles, crystals, knives, bells, small bowls of salt and bowls of water. Organize them, whatever they are, to form an altar. Bring a surface to set them on, like a box or crate with a small black tablecloth. The altar should face North, as should you when you’re in the circle completing your ritual.

Witches Circle of Protection - How Do You Cast It6. Complete the circle. Place candles or other items at each cardinal direction. Do not light them yet. Some Wiccans will choose something that represents Earth in the North, Air in the East, Fire in the South, and Water in the West.
Salt, stone, or a green candle could represent Earth. Incense, broken glass, or a yellow candle could stand in for Air. Blue candle or water in any receptacle is an excellent representation of Water. A red candle does nicely for Fire.

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