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Wiccan Yule Decorations & Winter Solstice Altar

Pagans worldwide have celebrated the birth of the Sun and Yule for centuries. Christmas will continuously find roots in pagan traditions with Wiccan Yule decorations. This birth of the Sun, as in the star in the sky, will bring us new warmth. Get your Winter Solstice altar ready to reach, pull in and harvest that energy.

Winter solstice altar

Wiccan Yule Decorations & Winter Solstice Altar
Wiccan Yule Decorations & Winter Solstice Altar

Create a Yule altar that symbolises purity, spiritual growth, and development. You can go with different themes; a blank slate is a new beginning. Use the idea of snow colours, white sand or silver items. Hang white snowflakes around your home to keep the spiritual environment clean. The white colour design reflects purification and your fresh start.

You can go with the more Sun filled theme for your winter solstice altar. Use the colours orange, red and yellow to incorporate the Sun’s energy and light that it brings. Hiding gold Suns around your house is a good idea as a tribute.

Use a cloth in a fresh colour to cover your altar. Make a seasonal smudge stick. Bundle herbs together, tie them with string, and let them dry out, ready to be burned later.

Candles for Yule

Yellow candles, gold discs, and any bright and shiny decoration can represent the Sun. Inscribe solar symbols on a large pillar candle and assign it as your Sun candle. Add evergreen sprigs of holly, boughs, a Yule log, and pinecones. Wiccan Yule decorations like Santa Claus, antlers or reindeer mix well with other symbols of fertility.

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Add to this Yule altar light of your candles. Sit with its energy to enhance the sacred space and bring this whole new spirit into the new solar year. A gold candle can symbolize the Sun on your altar.

Use candles in various wintery shades, in sparkle silvers and gold. Use cold colours such as silvers, whites, and blues. Include red and green to decorate your altar, and add some dark evergreen as well.

Do not exclude the red colour during this season. Red is connected with passion and sexuality in modern Pagan magical practice. For some people, the red colour indicates prosperity.

Wiccan Yule decorations

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As long as you’ve got the space, there’s no limit to the number of things you can put on your Yule altar. Your Sabbat decor can have the following:

– bowls of winter nuts: hazelnuts, walnuts or pecans
– fresh fruit: oranges and apples
-Mistletoe – symbolizes abundance and fertility, associated with the winter holidays all around the world
– Snowflakes, a bowl of snow or icicles – can come in handy for wintertime magic
– Candy canes:- used in magic to direct energy
– Bells – included as a way of driving away evil spirits. Bels can be used as a way of bringing harmony to a magical space
Sun wheels – using any solar symbols is a great way to establish your connection to the sun during winter solstice time
-magical stones: Ruby, Clear Quartz, Diamond, Garnet, Kunzite, Green Tourmaline, Blue Topaz, Alexandrite, Pearls, and Citrine (Source)

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