Wicca wands dedication -How to do it?

Some people like to use a real magic wand for spells and rituals, while others don’t. Wiccan wands are a symbol and a real means of administering the power for centuries.

Wicca wands dedication -How to do it?The purpose of a wand is to collect and project your energy. If you prefer, you can store the energy in your body and transfer it with your finger. Just consider, that for millenniums, wise men used it as a psychologically valuable tool for focusing and mentally balancing the forces.

How To Make Your Own Wiccan Wands

Ash 16 Inch Wood Magickal WandThe material you use is optional, just wood possess “vibrations,” as a natural material, which makes it the best for use for Wicca spells. Druids preferred rowan wand, yew wood wand, or hawthorn. Pine, spruce, and cedar are softwood and are easiest to work with if you want to carve it. The distance from your longest fingertips to your elbow is considered to be a traditional length for your wand (45 to 54 cm). Thickness is about that of human finger or thumb.

Also, it’s nice to go out and find your secret piece of wood from a fallen tree. Do not forget to thank the nature spirits and the tree for what they have given you. You could do what you wish to make it prettier, just remember that you should have a reason for everything you do.  As you are shaping it, concentrate on the Magical uses of your wand.

I would recommend playing some romantic, friendly and relaxing music while working on your wand. This little stick is going to become a handy tool in very soon. And as it is a magical item, your intention and energy is everything.

Amethyst Healing WandYou might let some ideas come to you as you smooth and handle your unfolding magic wand. Try to imagine what its spirit might be like and how will help you to channel your energy effectively and efficiently. Remember, you are transforming the wand from “just a stick” to a magical object. That’s the most critical part of the process of making your real magic wand.

Anointing Your Real Magic Wands

Once you are ready, you must anoint the wand. Anointing can be as elaborate or as simple as you want to make it.
If you are a novice, work with something you know about and makes sense to you. Lavender Oil is lovely for all cleansing and healing. If you are planning to do a lot of mystical things, pick a Frankincense oil. Rose oil is an excellent choice for any love spells.

Owl Magic Wand wiccaEnjoy giving the wand a passionate stroke with the chosen oil. Feel it in your hands and fingertips, appreciate the scents, and have a wonderful time doing this. Think about the magic you want to perform with it. Talk to your wand, tell it what you are hoping for to achieve.
The more love you can build up between you and your magic wand, the better it will work for you.

Decorating Your Wiccan Wands

The decoration didn’t serve any purpose in the magic world. The rule is simple: if something doesn’t have a use or help the intention of the real magic wands, just leave it out! For all magic workings, less is more, and that’s worth remembering as a principle. If you have many ideas of what to put on yours, you might decide to make a whole series of Wiccan wands.

Dedicating The Real Magic Wands

The following ritual of dedicating should be performed despite you make or buy the ready-made magic want.

You need to give it a lot of thought what you will say out loud during the Wiccan wand dedicating ceremony. You should involve ancestors and spirits, deities and angels. Take some time to create a beautiful speech that is well-defined, compelling and covers the basics. Your statement should be genuine, rhythmical, and sincere and raise enough energy to catalyze the sleeping wand into existence.

Please, don’t worry too much about the perfect rhymes. The honest and real vibe that comes from your heart and that you believe in is far more potent than some old thing from the dark ages. This is about you, your energy, your magic, and your very own magic wand. Your wand will work, even if you don’t get it correct the first time out, and with experience, it just gets better and better.

Wicca wands dedication -How to do it?

A Witchs World Of Magick This sparkling, in-depth examination of theories and techniques from around the world will help you reach higher levels of magickal insight and success1. Declare your name and mission:

I, _______, stand before the ( ancestors, spirits, deities or angels) that be to dedicate this wand I made with my own hands.

2. Get help:
I ask my guardians come to me now, to help in this endeavor.

3. Name the Wiccan wand:
I name this wand “___________”.

4. State the purpose:
May it aid me in engraving my will upon the fabric of reality, for healing, progress, love, and growth.

5. Gather energy and make the dedication:
I,______________, now activate this magic wand. May it serve me well.

6. Thank the help:
I__________ thank the powers that be and my guardians for their support this night.

7. Close the real magic wands dedication :
My will is done.

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