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Wiccan Sabbats & Esbats

Wiccan Sabbats & Esbats, witchcraft, equinox

As the Wheel of the Year turns and the hours of darkness begin to outnumber those of daylight, nature reminds us of the eternal cycle of life. This Sabbat signifies the coming autumn and harvest season, a pause to reflect on growth and renewal. Stop and notice the subtle changes around you whether you’re Wiccan or not. Breathe in the crisp, cool air and embrace this fleeting moment of harmony.

Yule Log, Decorations, Holiday and Blessings

As the days continue to darken and the chill in the air creeps into our bones, we look for ways to warm up our homes and our spirits! Let’s make some DIY Winter Solstice and Yule decorations! Gather your family and close friends and create that Yule Log you’ve always wanted to do. You’ll find it much more memorable and enjoyable. These old Yule traditions can also be embarked on with the following ceremony.Read More »Yule Log, Decorations, Holiday and Blessings