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A wardrobe can be of great importance to any ritual practitioner. Much like a uniform, the Wiccan clothing you wear, whether a simple pin or an elaborate ritual robe, can symbolise a transformation between your humanity and your astral existence.
How you dress affects how you feel and your success in most human activities. Some people do candle burning in their everyday clothes and enjoy a reasonable degree of success.

They would have greater success if they were more concerned with their appearance. The reason is simple: when you put on distinctive ritual robes or Wiccan clothing used exclusively for Magic rites, your mind is much more open to the Magic itself.

What to wear to a Wiccan ritual?

Some Pagans keep special garb for rituals only, so whenever they put it on, they prepare to be in a sacred space. Others have special ritual jewellery.

The robes you wear do not have to be of any particular type or style. The long and flowing sleeves can become a fire hazard when practising candle magic. So, please, be safety-minded. You should assign a traditional long robe, a simple pair of pants, or a skirt and top. It must be something that you have made yourself or purchased and is used exclusively for magic spells.

When you start to prepare your outfit for candle magic, decide on one colour (white is the best), and put all your energy into making it. Pick the material, colour, and style that makes you feel the most comfortable.

The more effort and energy you apply to every stitch and every inch of that dress, the more magical garment you will have. You can decorate it, sew, appliqué, or paint on it. Be confident that the power will start pulsating through your body when you wear this robe. It will be a part of you and add to your Magic strength.

Many Wiccans strip naked while performing Magic rituals. Going through removing all clothes can be as emotionally energizing as putting on distinctive ritual robes.

Wiccan Clothing and Ritual Robes – Do’s and Don’ts


  • DO wear something that makes you feel good and prepares you for a ritual.
  • DO wear appropriate clothing: lighter for a hot room or warmer for drafty or air-conditioned spaces;
  • DO Wear proper footwear for outdoor rites.
  • DO wear clothing that fits with the theme of the ritual
  • DO take a bath or shower before the ceremony.
  • DON’T choose bulky, heavy garments that restrain movement
  • DON’T wear flammable clothing around candles.
  • DON’T wear anything likely to be distracting to you or others.
  • DON’T wear strong-smelling perfumes, aftershave, or body lotion.

You don’t have to wear a pentacle the size of a dinner plate just because you’ve decided Wicca – or some other form of Paganism – is the right path for you…

The really important thing to remember is that your spirituality is not defined by what you look like on the outside. Colouring your hair black and wearing fairy wings doesn’t make you Pagan. Any more than wearing sensible shoes would make one a Christian. Your belief system and practice are something that comes from the inside.

Don’t worry about feeling out of place if you’re wearing your business casual attire at a Pagan event – chances are there are at least five other people looking at you with envy, wishing they had dared to show up in something from the LL Bean catalogue.

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