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Wiccan Ceremony – Ritual Bath and Magic Preparation

There is an advantage when a Wiccan Ceremony has an opening and closing routine. The very essence of any Magic ritual is repeating the same routine. It helps you to slip into Wiccan ritual consciousness more quickly, as though it were second nature.

How does the Practitioner need to prepare their Body?

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To be capable of creating the energy you need for a successful spell, you must be in good physical condition. Watch your diet and try to stick to natural foods. Cleanliness, before working Magic, is necessary. It is a good practice to cleanse the inner body by eating and drinking only water, honey, and whole wheat bread and avoiding drinking alcohol or smoking for twenty-four hours before the ritual. You’ll feel great if you are in good shape.

How to do a ritual bath?

Before the ceremony, as a part of your ritual, take a bath with added salts, oils, or herbs to reach a level of harmony. Use fresh, clean water and if you can, use bath salts or herbs designated for your particular ritual’s outcome. For herb baths, gather a small bunch of the herb(s), tie them in a little muslin, and put them into the tub. While in the water, focus your thoughts on the objective of the ritual ahead.

How to use essential magic oils and bath salts

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Oils can be used to dress the candles, in the ritual bath, and on the skin. You can buy them offline or online, and the variety of available oils is exceptional. You could blend two or more and develop your oils.

One word of caution: buy from the same source to avoid possible incompatibility. Use a specially made glass container to combine oils and pour them slowly and gently, swirling clockwise. Essential oils are very complex and need careful handling, do not shake or stir. Measure them with a separate eyedropper for each to avoid pollution. Store them in a dry, dark place, away from heat and light.

You have a good choice of ready-made bath salts, but making your own is fast and easy. The main ingredients are equal parts table or sea salt, Epsom salts, and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Mix thoroughly and concentrate on the purpose of the salts and the ritual.

How to dress for a Wiccan ceremony

How you dress affects your feelings and success in most human activities. Some people do candle burning in everyday clothes and enjoy reasonable success.

I’m confident they would succeed more if they were more concerned with their appearance. The reason is simple: when you wear distinctive clothing used exclusively for Magic rites, your mind is much more open to the Magic itself.

This gorgeous flowing cowl hooded dress robe has so many beautiful details you’ll feel like a true moon goddess!

Many Wiccans strip naked while performing Magic rituals. Removing all clothes can be as emotionally energizing as putting on distinctive garments.

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