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My blog is full of basic info as well as my opinion about Witchcraft / Wiccan beliefs, practices, divination, herbs, rituals, moon magick, books and spells, it’s history & so much more.

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70 Celtic Coloring Pages & Celtic Drawings
The Celtic coloring pages will help you to focus on details while being relaxed and comfortable. Celtic drawings of knot,[...]
Blank Book of Shadows, Wiccan Leather Bound Spell Book
Today I looked for a new blank Book of Shadows as a present for my friend. She dreams of a[...]
Pagan Coloring Pages for Your Book of Shadows PDF
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Book of Shadows Coloring Book Printable Coloring Pages
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Candle Magic & Magical Correspondences Days of the Week
Candle magic is one of the easiest and uncomplicated to apply. The core of your actions is lighting a candle[...]
Money Spell That Works Instantly
Are you having problems with Money? Then a Thursday, during the waning moon is the perfect day for you to[...]
Money Candle – How to Make it With Orange Shell
Often times I find an article by someone else that speaks on a topic much better than I ever could.[...]
Wiccan Spells That Work, Wicca for Beginners
Wiccan spells can help you when you are desperate to find a job, earn income, have food, and a roof[...]
wicca and witchcraft, love spells, wicca spell, book of shadows, magic spells for money,numerology, life path, magic

​Aleena Alastair

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​Hello, my name is Aleena. I'm fifty-something Wiccan with love for nature and anything beautiful. I am very much into herbs, incense, candles, and I am just starting my herb garden, so I’ll let you know how it works out.
My path began in 2010, and I follow an eclectic, solitary path. My blog is for anyone interested in Pagan beliefs, ​Wicca and Witchcraft, love spells, Wicca spell, Book of Shadows, magic spells for money, numerology, life path, or magic.

My goal is to share my expertise with anyone and give people access to valuable, accurate information.
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Welcome & blessings to you. I hope you find a little of yourself while you are here.

Wicca and Witchcraft, love spells, Wicca spell, Book of Shadows, magic spells for money, numerology, life path, or magic