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Wiccan Altar Set up Ideas for Beginners

Today we are talking witchcraft altar set ups: how to set up an altar for witchcraft, different kinds of altars for different types of witches, how to use an altar in your witchcraft practice, and everything else related to this topic. A Wiccan altar is a sacred space with spiritual objects used for divination, spells, rituals, and prayers. Wiccan Altar Set up is integral to your meditation and connecting with the deity.

How to set a Wiccan altar?

According to Scott Cunningham, the left side of the altar should be considered the Goddess area, feminine or yonic symbols ( bowls, chalices, and Goddess representations and statues). The right side is designated for the God; phallic symbols (athame, wand, and God statuary and his candle).

The left and right associations vary according to your preference, but the centre area is always considered the working area. The primary symbols of the Wiccan faith (pentacle) are kept in the centre of the altar.

Some Wiccans arrange their altars to represent all four elements and directions. In the North, the Earth element is represented; in the East is Air. In the South is Fire, and in the West is Water.

When placing items on an altar or when “calling on the elements” (a practice involving inviting the elements to be a part of the circle and lend their power), a practitioner will move deosil (clockwise or sun wise). When dismissing the elements, they will move widdershins (counter-clockwise).

What should I put on my Wiccan altar?

Setting up a Wiccan altar is easy. You’ll want to add your magical tools, Wiccan God and Goddess statues,  altar pentacles or magic candles, but the altar should be mainly about functionality. It needs to be set up well to assist you in achieving your goal. Here are the things that most Wiccans and Pagans include on their altars.

  1. Wiccan symbols represent the four classical elements aligned with the four cardinal directions.
  2. Use a bowl of dirt or sand in the north aspect of your altar to represent earth, a stick of incense in the east can symbolize air, a candle or charcoal in the south for fire, and water in the west. Wigington, Patti. “Setting Up Your Magical Altar.” ThoughtCo, Feb. 18, 2017
  3. Candles. You can add ritual candles or god and goddess candles, Be sure to have a lighter or matches as well.
  4. Most Wiccans use the athame knife in the ritual, so place one on your altar.
  5. The Wiccan wands are used to direct energy, so keeping one on your altar is a good idea.
  6. Your Book of Shadows is helpful to have on hand.

Typical items on a Wiccan altar set-up include:

  • Wiccan God and Goddess Statues
  • Athame knife
  • Magic candles
  • Witches cauldron
  • Chalice- the pentagram, triple moon, Celtic cross
  • Incense Powder /Incense Sticks
  • Altar pentacle
  • Magic Wand

Wiccan altar set up at home- How to do it?

  • You can energetically clear an altar using white sage smoke, incense, sacred or holy waters, sweet grass, witch hazel, and other clearing tools.
  • It helps to say a prayer or set an intention before setting up an altar to help focus your energy during the building process.
  • Using sound instruments and chanting during meditation can clear your energy and raise the vibration of your altar space.
  • For a visually pleasing altar, use coordinating colours and try to match your home décor.
  • If your altar is of high religious significance, ensure it is in a spot where it won’t be damaged or disturbed by animals or children.
  • Keep your altar clean. Place small pieces of wax paper under candles without holders, and make sure to clean up any ashes left behind by incense or burnt paper.
  • Inviting willing friends and family over for small ceremonies at your altar space is an excellent way to share it with others.
  • It is a good idea to find a table or desk that has drawers in it to store extra candles and religious tools

Here are links to a few lovely Wiccan Altars set Up

Wiccan Altar Set up Safety Concerns

Anything to do with fire has the potential to be dangerous. Having something under your candle holders for protection is essential. A metal tray may not look glamorous on an altar, but it is necessary. Leaving candles or incense unattended can cause a fire, especially if flammable objects are on the same altar. A small fire extinguisher is also a good idea.