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What is Wicca & Wiccan Religion Beliefs

The Wiccan religion is part of modern Paganism and Nature Spirituality. Today, many individuals and groups are practicing various forms of the Wiccan religion all around the world. WHAT IS WICCA

Wiccan / Pagan groups differ broadly in purpose, size, structure, symbology, orientation or ritual practices. There is even more variety among those practicing spirituality on their own without being part of a group that meets regularly.

What they have in common is the love, respect, and worship of Nature’s cycles. The Divine is seen in everything and is honored as Gods, Goddesses, and other spiritual forces. Well-known rituals are at New and Full Moon and the eight seasonal Sabbats.

Wiccans and other Pagans also honor the Elements of Nature and their associated directions. Rituals usually include a combination of meditation, invocations, movement, music, and the use of magical tools.

Many Wiccans develop their natural abilities and practice magic, directing psychic energy for particular healing and helping purposes.
They are obeying the Golden Rule, the central ethical law of the religion: “An it harm none, do what you will.”

Wiccans accept that whatever magical force is sent out, it will returns magnified to the sender.

Wiccans do not perform evil magic and do not worship the devil or Satan. The Wiccan religion is not anti-Christian at all.

Many practitioners are creating new chants, meditations, and rituals. They are sharing them with others through face-to-face contact at gatherings, festivals, and conventions that bring those of many paths together.

Wrapping It Up

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