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How to Become a Witch? When magic is within you, witchcraft is indeed the path you’re meant to take, but learning to use magic is not easy. It takes lots of soul-searching, research, and meditation, to find the correspondences, qualities, and traditions that work for you.

Witchcraft is a personal path. Many new practitioners get frustrated when they can’t find any “straight answers” from seasoned witches on how to start practising.

Because witchcraft is so personal, it is impossible to tell someone exactly what they should or shouldn’t do. Yes, you can find numerous spells from other witches online, but that doesn’t mean that they will be useful for you. Just because a spell works for one witchcraft practitioner does not mean it will work for another witch.

Many practitioners are creating new chants, meditations, and rituals, and are sharing them with others through face-to-face contact at gatherings, festivals, and conventions that bring those of many paths together.

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