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Wiccan Books Amazon Customer Reviews:

Wicca Magic Spells:  This book teaches how magic works and how to work magic, and helping anyone to create the life he dreams of. I found this book interesting and a must read. By Amazon Customer
I love how you explain the herbs, oils, and incense. It was very informative and you write when people can understand how to combine and interact with each oil and herb. By Tammi Schane

Hardly do we know that making magic is our birthright – personal gift from the Divine. This book teaches how magic works and how to work magic, and helping anyone to create the life he dreams of. I found this book interesting and a must read. By Amazon Customer

This book is yet another must have for any Wiccan Library. I have followed Aleena Alastair for some time, and her book are thorough, and precise. By Eric Coffman

No one can refute the power of herbs all all that they can do or heal. This book will show you how to empower yourself and more. Really loved this book for me it was like travelling to a whole new world. Well written easy to understand. By afane

Wicca for Beginners: I was glad to see terminology defined, explained and mapped out clearly. Recommended for curious, newbies or research projects. By R.J. Castille

The main principles of this modern religion are clearly laid out, so it’s easy to understand if it could be something for you. Even some magic is involved apparently, which seems unusual for modern times. I really enjoyed this unusual read. By Elen

So informational, very clear, and easy to follow.. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone with questions.. Blessed be. By Brittany

Book of Shadows for Coloring: Wicca Journey into Wheel of the year, Gods, Herbs, Incenses, Zodiac, and Oils: I’m having such a fun time with this BOS coloring book. Aleena Alastair has done a great job of incorporating pictures, info and room for your own recipes/rituals/etc. The coloring/pics are well placed and add to the the beauty of your own work. Each Sabbat has its own section with pages for you to write about your oils/incense/rituals. I can not recommend this book enough! Have fun coloring and Blessed Be. By Tiffany

I enjoyed this book in more ways than one. Not only does it allow me time with my little one. I can share my passion in a fun educational level. By Eric Coffmanon

Wrapping It Up

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These instantly downloadable PDF files are provided in BLACK & WHITE for easy, economical printing or printing on special parchment paper. Each page is 8.5 ” x 11″. These beautiful pages would be an excellent addition to your, Magical Journal, Book of Shadows, Grimoire or scrapbooking projects. You can see entire book on the next page as well as purchase it for your personal use.Never forget, Book of Shadows is a great tool, but the magic comes from YOU! Blessed Be!