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Wicca Candles – Dressing, Inscribing, Consecrating and Blessing

Wicca Candle magic is one of the simplest forms of spell casting. Anyone with a candle can cast a spell, but instead of just hoping, you declare your intent. Cleansing & Consecrating the candles is a crucial step; it removes all the negative energies that the candle has accumulated along the way. Your candles have to be as free of psychic detritus as possible.

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Subside the candle in sea salt, and ask The Lord and Lady to bless it with words and phrases from your heart.

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How to do a candle dressing?

Dress the candle with any oil you prefer or with what a particular spell asks you to use. The direction candle is covered with oil is important. Rub it descending from the top to the middle of the candle and then from the bottom to the middle when you want to bring something to you.

Rub the oil from the middle of the candle out to the ends when you want to send something away from you. Be careful not to make a back-and-forth motion, which will defeat the purpose. Tap the remaining oil from your fingers onto your third eye and on your breastbone. You could say the following or modify it to your liking:

“I cleanse and consecrate this candle in the name of the Gods. May it burn with force with the light.”

Then declare your Wicca candle magic intent or what the spell you are planning to perform is about.

Inscribing the candles

Use your Athame to inscribe your candle. Write from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle to draw something for you. Write from the middle to the end to repel things.

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Wicca Candle Magic Rituals – Consecrating and Blessing

This ritual is suitable for any candle colour and all your tools.  The aim is to consolidate all positive energies and bless the candle, presenting it as a tool in the hands of your Goddess and God and inviting their spiritual power.

Before performing this rite, take a cleansing wash with herbs and essential oils to prepare yourself for the ceremony. Meditate for over 5 minutes in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed to ground yourself. Burn your favourite incense, such as Cinnamon Powder, Hyssop, and Bay leaf.

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Candle Magic Coloring Pages

On the centre of the altar, set your candle on a black cloth, and arrange the rest of your ritual tools around. Facing South for the assistance of the Fire energies, use your index finger to trace a pentagram above the candle. Start chanting the following:

“Maiden Goddess, energy of youth and curiosity
I ask that you concentrate this candle with your purity
Mother Goddess, energy of maturity and protection,
I ask your watchful eye upon this tool to be.
Crone Goddess, energy of age and ancient wisdom,
I ask that you guide this tool so that I may see.
Horned God, energy of strength and will,
I ask that with this tool you guide the law through me.”

Place your hand over the candle and envision the purity, wisdom, protection, and strength of the Goddess and God charging the candle, then chant the following:

“Oh, Goddess of the Moon and Magic,
And God of the Sun and Forest,
I dedicate this tool to your will and wisdom,
Let it be a source of no curse, no harm and no hate
As I bless this instrument, so shall it be!”

You have now dedicated the candle to the Goddess & God, consecrating and purifying it with their energies. The candle is no longer yours but a tool of the Gods to manifest your requests. You are allowed to employ this tool in your spell work as long as it is done without the intent of harm, negativity, or hate. As with all spell craft rituals, if you are unsure of your intent, meditate and ask for guidance from the Goddess. If you listen, she will answer.

I love this Wicca candle magic chant and use it the same way for the Consecration of all my tools.

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