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What Do Witches Do? Magic practitioners exist all the time, as humans need them. They would not proclaim themselves as Witches, and they did not belong to any religion. Nowadays, a large enough group of people recognise themselves as Wiccans and/or Witches. A vibrant and thriving worldwide community was created in the last century, destroying any fears or doubts.

Witchcraft isn’t a trend. It’s not some cool way to wear your hair or a fun activity to check off the bucket list. Alexandra Roxo, writer, director, and modern witch, explains:

You are entering into a deep lineage by calling yourself a witch. It’s not to be taken lightly. Find something that resonates with you deeply. Forget about what’s cool. Practice it in private for years before preaching it on the mountaintops of Instagram. It’s not just a fun trend. It’s a reclaiming that thousands of women died for and you have to earn your place and honor all that has come before you. It’s using energy in powerful ways. Be careful and be responsible.

What Do Witches Don’t Do?

Witches do not do evil – We believe that doing evil and harm is against all ethical and moral laws. Further, Witchcraft tells us “An ye harm none (not even yourself), do what ye will.”

Witches do not worship Satan – We do not have a Satan/Devil or any all-evil deity in our religious structure. Witchcraft is a religion that underscores polarity and views God and the Goddess as equal entities.

A male Witch is not a Warlock – A male Witch is called a Witch.

What Do Witches Do?

Modern Witches wear clothing of every colour and every style – Many Witches do choose to wear black clothing or ritual robes. The colour black is the culmination of all vibrational light rates on the material plane. Black absorbs light information and helps Witches be more receptive to psychic impressions and energies.

Witches come from every socio-economic and ethnic background – Many Witches are professional people holding positions of responsibility such as Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Teachers, etc. Witchcraft does not discriminate against colour or ethnic origin and does view everything as equal in the eyes of the Goddess and the God.

Witches do use spells – A spell is a thought, a projection, or a prayer. Other religions use prayer, meditation, protection, and ritual to produce an intended result. The word “spell” does not imply doing evil or harm.

Witches do use magic wands – Often, you see the use of magic wands in children’s cartoons and movies, making the idea seem frivolous. In actuality, they are used in healing for directing energy.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Modern Witch

Witches do use Witchcraft as a science, art, and religion – We use our knowledge and magick in harmony with the Universe and Nature around us.

The word “Witch” has a deep and rich meaning – As defined by the English Oxford dictionary, “Witchcraft” is a Celtic (pronounced Kell-tick) word meaning wise, good people. “Wicce” (Wick-kay) designates a female Witch, whereas “Wicca” (wick-kah) designates a male Witch.

In the religion of Witchcraft, we view the pentacle as an amulet and a symbol for protection – The five-pointed star represents the human body and the Earth. The star surrounded by the circle represents the protection of the Goddess/God force. The pentacle is the symbol of Universal Wisdom.

Modern Witches do concern themselves with ecology We have never forgotten this basic fact: the world is not our enemy. Neither is it inert, dumb matter. The earth and all living things share the same life force. They are composed of patterns of intelligence, knowledge, and of divinity. All life is a web. We are woven into it as sisters and brothers of All. Witches need to be grounded in both worlds and awake to their responsibilities for both worlds. Only by being responsible human beings can we be responsible Witches, and just responsible Witches will survive.

This article is based on Cabot Kent Hermetic Temple

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