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Getting in Touch with Psychic Abilities

We were tuned into magic when we were children, and over time we tend to block it out. Getting in touch with psychic abilities is possible if we want to accomplish it.

Getting in Touch with Psychic Abilities & Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Many people don’t realize that our psychic abilities are fine-tuned to our senses. All touch, smell or sound are working on two levels: subconscious and the physical one. So when tuning into specific psychic abilities, like clairaudient, that is the ability to hear messages. So you might understand whispers voices, kind of a vibrational sound. That may trigger some feelings and emotions within you. That way you know that something is trying to communicate with you.

When you were a child, you might have heard voices. At that age you were very open and receptive to all these symptoms of psychic abilities. Our family, our upbringing and often religion tells us that it’s wrong, evil or it’s not something that we need in our lives. We attempt to limit that natural energy so that we can move on with our lives without fear.

Growing up, we block more and more out, becoming numb to all supernatural things. It is good to know, that our psychic abilities are still there, and we can tap into them if we want. As an adult, you might find yourself finding or triggering a lot of these voices. It happens when you are under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, slight intoxication or when you’re falling asleep and drifting in and out of consciousness. The reason is that we are finally letting our ego down. We’re opening our shield that we’ve put up, and we’ve been blocking out all those symptoms of psychic abilities. Our ego has been released, we’re open to receiving all kinds of information, and you can be under psychic attack.

Do I Have Physic Abilities?

When you’re intoxicated or slightly buzzed with alcohol, you might be much more receptive to things. If you go to an old bar with a lot of history, you might start picking up on the building’s energy. You’re taking in all these things and you might feel like you’re going a little crazy, but you’re not. It’s just you being more open and aware and that’s how you know that that ability is still within you.Getting in Touch with Psychic Abilities & Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Another form of psychic awareness is the sensitiveness. A lot of adults have been known for being an empath and being sensitive to people, places or objects around them. When you walk into an antique store, it is normal to be receptive to the vibrations that are happening there. If you feel an unpleasant energy or you feel it’s nauseous or sick, you’re picking up on some bad energy. Maybe there are items around that came from a traumatic household with a lot of issues and anger problems. You’re picking up on all that old stagnant energy, and you have the ability of clairsentience.

Some people can actively pick up on signs from the past, the present, and the future. They can get a vibe whether someone is going to have a traumatic experience in the future. They can recognize what your current situation is without talking to you. It might seem frightening to some people. If you are an empath, there are ways to block it. If you’re aware of it, you can go into a situation with your guard up.

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Wrapping It Up

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