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Reiki Self-Healing, Reiki Treatment and Therapy

I’ve done some reviews for alternative health products, and when I came across a product called Pure Reiki Healing, I decided to learn more about Reiki self-healing implementation. Reiki chakras therapy is an ancient healing art that started in Japan many centuries ago. Now we can enjoy the digital version of the aged Reiki therapy. It is as efficient as the original and much more comfortable to implement with the added interactivity and multimedia. It consists of 3 manuals, videos, Reiki chakras meditation music, and a self-certification system.

What to Expect from a Reiki Self-Healing Program?

  • Heal yourself and others, ease chronic pain or any persistent physical distress and create mind-body balance at will.
  • Release stress, and help regain self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-control as you continue to increase your skill and healing powers.
  • Apply “Rapid Reiki” and experience a complete Reiki therapy energy balance and relief in a fraction of the time.
  • Supercharge your Reiki chakras sessions using “Group Reiki”. The collective power of a group will heal you or your loved one dramatically faster. (This, by the way, is one of the most influential experiences you can have in your life.)
  • Learn how to heal people over a distance (Remote Reiki).
  • Suddenly feel a sense of deep relaxation if you are stressed, a clarity of mind you have not had in years — or maybe even decades. And so much more.

Reiki Treatments and Reiki Chakras

This program is all about Reiki self-healing and covers a variety of Reiki treatments for illnesses that we might suffer these days.

The program offers knowledge of Reiki chakras therapy for illnesses like digestive disorders, flu, colds, fevers, neck and shoulder tension, sinus problems, anger, heart problems, or even spinal issues.

For anyone suffering from any chronic disease, that makes for a pretty reasonable buy. Just compare the one-time price of the program versus the bill for every trip to the doctor. (And nobody is asking about your insurance plan!)

This complete self-Reiki healing program will give you the tools to cure yourself and the opportunity to improve your life further.

Well illustrated with pictures, the manuals demonstrate how you alone can handle self-treatment for common illnesses such as flu, eye strain, headaches, leg pain, etc. You can also find information on Reiki self-healing for severe diseases such as heart problems, stroke, spinal injuries, etc.

Spending about 15 to 30 minutes daily, you can achieve quick relief following its Rapid Reiki Treatment module. It is very convenient for anyone with a busy schedule.

The Big Question Is: “Does Reiki Self Healing Work?”

As someone who’s gone through the entire course, I’m glad it works. I attempted self-treatment for a cold, and it went very well.

So if you’re going to put your money into anything where your health is concerned, invest in Reiki healing therapy.

I like the help customers receive watching the demo videos. You could learn all about Reiki self-treatment hand positions in the comfort of your home, demonstrated “live” by a Reiki Healing Master. There is no comparison between watching and reading about well-executed self-treatment.

If you want more information about how Universe will protect you and your loved ones from deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes, and kidney failure, read this free report. It is fascinating information.