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Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening 

Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening are your ability to understand spiritually by telepathy. You see beyond this dimension and this physical plane. You see things like ghosts, images or things that are on a subconscious level.

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Physical Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

When you’ve tapped into a heightened vibration of clairvoyance, you can see auras of people, places or things. You will better understand why things are the way they are.

You can foresee the future when this ability becomes fine-tuned because you will start understanding patterns. Some clairvoyance can even work through dreams where you see full images and scenes from a movie played out before you.

These are all messages that are coming to your subconscious state. That is precisely a psychic ability through smell and interests. The unusual thing about scent is that it will instantly transport us back to memory when we smell something. We immediately remember a person or place from the past.

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Signs of Clairvoyance

Take the time to discover your personal astrological correspondences and find ways to incorporate them into your daily practice.
Take the time to discover your personal astrological correspondences

Whenever you travel and use a new scent, you’ll find yourself again at the vacation spot when you come back home and revisit that fragrance. Our loved ones, who have passed on, might leave you messages through sense. This is you connecting to the spirit world.

You might pick up on a small whiff of lavender. When I was younger, I used to smell lavender out of nowhere. I knew it was my grandma communicating and saying hello. Please, don’t forget me.

Detectives use this when they’re working on crime scenes. They get this oddly familiar taste of blood or metal or chemicals. Some even get a taste of a drug that might have been used at the crime scene. It’s a psychic ability that comes forth in their intuition, leading them so they can solve a case.

People use this ability to manifest their goals better and do more profound reflections or spiritual healing on themselves. Some get this distinct taste they’ve tuned in with on past meditations. They know this is a time to move forward on whatever they’re trying to see.

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