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Numerology Life Path 7

When you are from Numerology life path 7, you are an explorer and a great thinker. You seek knowledge and the truth, and you like to research and solve problems. You love investigating the unknown and the mysteries that surround life. What Is Life Path Number 7

You prefer to work on your own, often seen as a loner or introvert. You like peace. You would exchange the busy and noisy city life for a more peaceful and quiet place. You need to reflect on your ideas, and you dislike being disturbed. Your insights and manners govern your way of living.

In turn, you find it hard to nurture relationships, especially marriage. You consider privacy as an important part of your life. So, when it’s offended, you get depressed and annoyed. But when your life is stable, you can be appealing. You can be happy and sociable. But you always remind yourself of setting limitations. You always come back to your state of solitude.

Your preference for privacy leaves you feeling lonely and isolated. You will always notice that there’s a part of you that feels empty and your longing for companionship is discontented. Furthermore, your extreme need for solitude makes you distrustful and pessimistic.

It is important to help yourself fight against being solitary and self-sufficient. If you let these characteristics rule your life, you will quickly shut others out. You’ll have a hard time letting others show their love for you. Thus, you’ll find it hard to understand the true spirit of friendship.
For numerology life path 7, the best career path is in science, archeology, the authority on antiques, psychoanalysis, surgery, history, marine biology, deep-sea exploration, theology, clergy, the authority on etiquette, psychiatry, finance, judge, etc. These career paths will allow you to be an explorer or will enhance your knowledge.

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For you is important to maintain independence and at the same time open yourself up to others. Remember, no one is an island. Accept others into your life and understand what others can offer for you. In sum, you need to have a good balance in life.

Letting others into your life doesn’t only lead to establishing friendships. You’ll learn from their experiences and the stuff that they know. You never know, they may be more knowledgeable than you are. Don’t forget that you are not the smartest individual on the planet. There are others like you who might give you more than you know. If you keep on withdrawing from people, how will you enhance or improve your knowledge?

Since you love exploring, it’s great if you can travel once in a while. Try turning your travels into mini-adventures. Always take these adventures as a learning experience. Having a few friends along won’t hurt at all. If not, this could also be an opportunity for you to meet new people. Enroll in a course or take part in a workshop that’s focused on things you wanted to learn about. Or you can visit places you’d like to go back to or have not visited so far. Don’t forget to have fun. Lighten up a little bit. Enjoy and be happy!
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