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Numerology 3 Love Life

If you are with a Numerology 3 Love Life, you’re upbeat, witty, and communicative. In the bedroom, you can be dynamic, passionate, and creative. What Your Numerology Number Says About Your Love Life-3

You want sex to be an imaginative exploration into the pleasure of your senses and a delving into the crevices of your emotions.  As long as you feel that heightened desire is equal, you need only to please your partner.

When you feel a deep connection with your lover, your lovemaking tends to be really playful. It’s you who might be up for some role-play or something just a little off the beaten path.

You need to be heard, acknowledged and treasured, for your great sexual attractiveness and your ability to “read” and please your partner.

Numerology 3 Love Life key needs: To be “heard” and emotionally supported.

The opposition: Obstacles reside in communication when you are not stepping fully into your 3 Life Path.  This translates into your sex life as well as your life overall.

You can be ready for a lusty interlude and “sex” your partner all day long, and yet all bets are off if they say or do one “wrong” thing. Forget it. Your elusive emotional needs can confuse your partner.

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Always remember that your Life Path number 3 doesn’t solely define your sex style—your personality profile consists of several other numerological influences. It is always beneficial to dig a little deeper and learn how you engage with all the numbers represented in your chart. To discover what numerology says about your love life and to understand your sexual love style, get your free customized numerology reading.


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