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Numerology 2 Love Life

As a numerology 2 love life, you’re loving, giving, and devoted if you’re in your groove with the optimal elements of your 2 Life Path.  In the bedroom, you instinctively feel your partner’s desires and needs.

What Your Numerology Number Says About Your Love Life-2

You often merge with your partner and can place their needs above your own.  Until you feel fully received, desired, and engulfed by your partner’s love you might be a bit “shy” or reserved. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a wild streak.   Before you can fully let go, you have to develop an overall trust in your partner. If ever there was a loyal, giving, and willing sexual partner, it’s you. You can be the mistress or master of giving pleasure to your partner. You arise ultimate fulfillment when you learn how to receive and how to articulate what you want sexually.

Life path number 2 key need: To love and be loved in return.

The opposition: obstacles reside in losing yourself in sexual relationships when not stepping fully into your Life Path 2.  This will result in dissatisfaction because you don’t know “who you are” and neither does your partner. You can withdraw emotionally and sexually when you felt hurt.

11/2 Life Path

You’re loving, giving, and devoted if you’re in your groove with the necessity of various elements of your 11/2 Life Path. You can have a level of assertion and of taking the lead that can surprise you. In the bedroom, needing admiration and unabashed depth of devotion, you’re the “I want you to want me” lover.

This can also translate into a need for variety and an assortment of sexual “identities.” The Master number 11/2 brings a need for deep relationship, and yet the double 1’s bring a bit of a conflict to that passion. So, when you need to be dominant and in control one day and then submissive and “pleasing” the next, you might be somewhat enigmatic in the bedroom.

To blossom your numerology 2 love life, you need to be appreciated and acknowledged for how special you are.

The opposition: Obstacles reside in the conflict between wanting to settle down with “the one” and needing to traverse your own path when not stepping fully into your 11/2 Life Path.  You can sabotage sexual relationships by opting for the spotlight rather than “settling down” or getting bored easily. You can present as loving—with an edge.

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Always remember that your Life Path number 2 or 11 doesn’t solely define your sex style—your personality profile consists of several other numerological influences. It is always beneficial to dig a little deeper and learn how you engage with all the numbers represented in your chart. To discover what numerology says about your love life and to understand your sexual love style, get your free customized numerology reading.

What Does Numerology Say About Your Love Life?

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