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Magic Spells – Why My Spell Didn’t Work?

Magic Spells, witchcraft and magic all start with your mind. What are the top five reasons your magic spell success is low? Magic spells are part of working with the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and also the element of Spirit. We are working with the unity of spirit and the spirit that’s all living things around us. It’s all the energy we’re putting into the Universe and the energy we expect to receive back.

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A significant factor in spell success is your belief. If you don’t believe in whatever you’re casting or don’t have trust in magic in general, perhaps your spell success will be low. Magic is part science and part spiritual, something right in the middle. We are made up of the Universe, and we can manipulate the Universe in that way. (Source)

1. Your message to the Universe is not clear

The number one reason you may not have spell success is that your messages to the Universe aren’t specific enough. You may not know what it is you’re seeking, or unclear.

So if you want a vehicle to come into your life, you want to narrow down all the options that you want. What colour, style, make or model and be very specific. You can, however, keep your intentions very open and let the Universe bring something to you, whatever it may be.

2. You doubt the power of magic spells

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The second reason to have low spell success is that you might let too many outside opinions alter your thoughts and beliefs about witchcraft. If they don’t understand it, their ideas might change your feelings about the magic spell you cast. The best thing to move past these views is to not listen to them.

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The guidance power of your magic spells comes down to you and how much you believe. So if you let other people sway your opinions, magic won’t be as strong as it can be.

3. You haven’t waited long enough for the magic spells to work

The number three reason your magic and spells may not work is that you haven’t allowed enough time. When trying to cast a spell for something big, you must set the appropriate time for it to reach you. (Source)

4. You are not sure what you are seeking

Uncertainty is the number four reason your spells or magic may not work. Before your magic spell, do some quick pendulum work or a Tarot card reading to determine if you’re on the right path for the current magic spell. Be confident about what it is you’re putting out and what it is you’re genuinely seeking.

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5. Your Energy levels are very low

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The five reasons for low spell success are if you are operating under illness, desperation or uncertainty. If you’re ill, sick, not feeling well, or haven’t rested much in a few days, it’s not the best time to cast any magic. Your aura and energy levels are probably drained at this time.

It’s a time for you to take a moment and rest and recharge yourself. It would be best to wait until your vibrations were slightly higher. If you’re casting something like a money spell, do it when you get your paycheck and feel rich. (Source)

When your spell doesn’t work, or it just goes bad, don’t worry. This is a learning experience, and you can gain much from this experience. Review the basics; ground, shield, create a ritual space and ask your spirits for help. Keeping a journal helps so you know what did and didn’t work. A successful spell might mean changing the time of day you performed it or the ingredients. It can be any number of things, so be sure you meditate and look deep within the self to find the answer(Source)

So I hope these five tips will help you understand why your magic spells and witchcraft may not work. There are also many other reasons, but these are the top five. Whenever someone says that they feel they just aren’t manifesting on time or not manifesting at all, perhaps they forget to look at everything and observe the whole picture.

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