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Real Love Potion Recipe & How to Make a Love Potion Spell

It is essential when you’re doing any love potion recipe or magic rituals not to have any particular person in mind.Be open to certain things and qualities you desire in another person while casting love spells that work. Let the Universe work its magic to give you what you wish.
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Love spells that work

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Open up your heart and bring Universal and unconditional love because the Universe always has a way of working things out. Usually, it’ll come out better than what you thought, or you wanted.
When you’re casting love spells that work, just make sure you’re in a positive state. You’re not working in a state of fear, anger or jealousy. You’re at peace with everything around you and in a happy mood. That’s how you flourish with your manifestation process. You want to be able to have an open heart and open mind, being in a happy mood and know that your magic is going to work. Be grateful that it’s happening, because that way you are putting extra manifestation power to your homemade love potions and love potion spell.

Real love potion recipe ingredients

For this love potion recipe, you will need white sage in an abalone shell or tray to hold it. You’re going to smudge your altar before the ritual begins. Then you will also need one red candle to invoke the Goddess of Venus and attract love energy to your root chakra.

You’re also going to need a few pieces of rose quartz. Nothing too big, just enough to bring the energy. You will need some cauldron with a small piece of charcoal or plate to burn your incense of choice. You can use an incense stick or cone. You’re going to need some incense resin or powdered herb incense. Red sandalwood powder it’s perfect for love potion spell manifestation, cleansing the space and raising the vibration. When it’s burning, it does smell like tobacco and banishes negativity. You’re going to work on discharging all negative energy and bringing forward the power of love and abundance.
Next, you’re going to need one to two pieces of clear quartz or rose quartz to welcoming this new love and light and everything that goes with it.How to make a love potion spell, Love potion recipe, love spells that work, what is love potion, homemade love potions Real Rose love potion oil love potion recipe

You will need some matches, and some love oil. Rose essential oil, Jasmine oil or pure love oil are the best for this love potion spell, so beautiful and innocent.

You are going to need some red roses, Jasmine flowers or pink petals, fresh or dried. Jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac, and for centuries it has been used in all kinds of love spells.

You will also need some carrier oil: extra virgin cold-pressed olive oil, sesame seed, sweet almond, or jojoba. Any carrier oil is good because this way you can use this homemade love potion on your skin. You want to be able to wear it, but you can also use it to anoint your candles.

The last thing that you’re going to need is a love potion bottle. Put a proper label on, or use a red ribbon and decorate it as you wish, so when it all came together, will look just stunning.

How to make a love potion

Fill the glass with your preferred carrier oil, leave room for all other ingredients to go; you could always top it off more.

Start with grounding your energy and focusing in on what you are trying to achieve with this love potion spell.
Sit in a comfortable position and start with the slow meditation, so your body is fully relaxed. Center your energy on provoking love. Look for someone to come into your life. Attract love all around you and start envisioning and focusing on specific qualities and not to a particular name of a person.Magical Name - Choose Your Witch Name & Work Your Magic
Start with the white Sage, smudge the altar in a clockwise motion and light your candle, bringing it up to the vibration of love. Think of the happiest, most loving moments of your life. That will produce so much radiance to your aura, smile, and laugh. Let in the energy of love and breathe out anything that’s negative. Start to feel pure and clean again. Have a little prayer or chant. As you’re working with the energy of Venus say:

“Bright Venus, bless this circle well.Honor and empower my love potion spell.”

Put one piece of rose quartz over the top of charcoal, sprinkle some of your chosen incense and add a few drops of essential oil. Smudge the crystals and let the smoke cleanse and recharge them with this loving energy. Feel how they’re vibrating so much happier now.

Start working on our homemade love potion, putting everything together. Bless the bottle, and say a little prayer.

“This oil blessed in purity
is blessed by the goddess,
is blessed by me
and is in charge
to draw true love to me”

Start adding your ingredients to it, envisioning love and light, while blessing any of your components. Take your Jasmin and bless it with the smoke and drop it in. Take your roses and do the same. Break them up into small pieces if your bottle is small. Add exactly three drops of your love oil: 1 for Body, 1 for Mind and 1 for Spirit. Add a little bit more carrier oil, until the love potion bottle is about full.

Do one final blessing and tie your red ribbon of love and passion energy. Take the fabric and start tying it up with three knots, because you work with the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Wear your love potion with pride, open up your heart, bring Universal love and no matter what we think we want, it will find us. If we doubt, we’re wrong, because the Universe always has a way of working things out. Blessed Be!

Wrapping It Up

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