How to Calculate Your Life Expression Number?

Numerology Expression Number, Destiny or Name Number is determined by your full original name as it is written on your birth certificate. How to Calculate Your Life Expression Number?Life Expression number reveals what you are destined to do in this life and who you are predetermined to become. It indicates the strengths and abilities that you already have and must be applied throughout this life.

The original birth-certificate name reveals your pre-chosen destiny and the energy of this name remains with you forever. It is always a major force throughout your life.

Be very careful when you calculate your Life Expression Number

  1.  Use ONLY your full, original name, as it is written on your birth certificate
  2.  It doesn’t matter how long you used your birth certificate name- just one day or all of your life
  3. If you are adopted as a 3 days old baby, and they give you another name – You MUST use in the calculations the name you were born with
  4. Any name changes (like by marriage) don’t affect your Life Expression number at all
  5. A compound or hyphenated last name is considered one name
  6. Titles such as Junior (Jr.) and Senior (Sr.) are not included in the calculation
  7. If you don’t have a middle name, you only need to calculate your first and last name
  8. If you have several middle names, you need to calculate each middle name separately
  9.  Double-check how your name is written on your birth certificate to ensure that everything is correct.

How do you calculate your soul urge number?

The Soul’s Urge, Soul’s Desire, or Heart’s Desire number reveals what positive traits your soul needs and desires, to feel satisfied and complete.
Explore your Life Path, Expression, and Soul Urge Numbers

The Soul Number is calculated from the vowels in your Birth-Certificate name. Y is sometimes a consonant, and other times it’s a vowel. (Y is a vowel in Wynn, Yvette, and Mary). Add each name separately to create the individual sums. Add double-digit totals together to create the single number (unless their sum is 11, 22 or 33 which remain as they are and become 11/2, 22/4 or 33/6).
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How do you calculate your personality number?

The Personality Number is also known as the Outer You because it gives an indication as to how others perceive you and are said to represent the “outer you.” It is calculated from the consonants in your birth-certificate name.

How to be sure you did the correct calculations? It is straightforward to double-check your work.
The Personality Number (consonants) + The Soul Number (Vowels) = The Destiny number (your name)

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