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How to Become a Witch with a True Power? (My Story Part 1)

Today I want to discuss how I discovered and opened myself up to my path of becoming a witch. A witch’s message is one of self-love and earth-love. It is about the importance of aligning with the phases of the earth and moon. Pretty simple, really. I knew something was different about me in a magical sense while I was growing up.

I was always diving into metaphysical books whenever I went to the library. My parent’s religion was Catholic, but they often pulled me away from it, saying it was not something they would tolerate.

In Touch with My Magical Side

When I had my place, I started diving into crystals and found excellent books on white witchcraft, Wicca, paganism, and everything you could think of.
I started on the path of Wicca and learned a lot from it. It was a great stepping stone, but I eventually broke free. I knew who I was and who I was becoming, being a woman and a witch, obtaining knowledge through everyday practices.

Wicca is a great stepping stone. It can get you on the right path. Eventually, you can break free and become solitary if you do not feel comfortable with some group activities.

I felt satisfied being a solitary witch, connected to Mother Nature’s cycles and everything that comes with them. I didn’t particularly enjoy following the guidelines of any religion or hierarchy. I enjoy experiencing and collecting knowledge from multiple faiths. I never wish to limit my thoughts or beliefs to one book or belief system. I’m proud to say I’m just a human like the rest of you.

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What do I practice?

I practice being genuine, honouring the cycles of everything in nature, the beauty of life and death, and how we can harness that energy. When we practice with all of our heart and all of our beliefs, we can become closer to the divine. I realized that I could harness this energy through the power of magic and the power of faith. I learned how powerful the mind and the soul are.

Take the time to discover your personal astrological correspondences and find ways to incorporate them into your daily practice.
Take the time to discover your astrological correspondences

So, if you’re starting your Witchcraft path now, never stop believing in yourself.

How to Find Those Books That Will Bring Magic to Your Life?

I don’t often give book recommendations because you will find books you are intuitively drawn to. That is how you should see your path. Follow your heart and read the books when the timing is right for you.

So, the books I read were connected with my path and were presented along my journey. Trust your divine guidance and intuition. Always keep yourself open to the possibilities of the Universe, and the books you need will find you then.

The Difference Between White, Black, and Gray Magic

Your intention—not just what you say or do—matters. Some magicians subscribe to the following definitions:

  • White magic is performed to connect with spiritual forces in the Universe to gain wisdom, insight, or enlightenment.
  • Black magic is done to harm or manipulate someone else.
  • Everything else falls into the grey area.
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When starting your path to witchery, avoid anything that brings you fear. The energies that we carry in from nature are all neutral. There is no white magic or black magic until we make it.

So, don’t do it if you’re working from a place of fear and believe that God will punish you for casting a spell. You had better start with tasks that are less intimidating to your belief system, like meditation or walking and listening to nature.

Take the time to discover your astrological correspondences and find ways to incorporate them into your daily practice.

You have to unlearn everything you learned as a child, make peace with it and understand there is nothing evil about witchcraft or becoming a witch.

It is all something beautiful, and it’s from nature. So, if you firmly believe in the system of God, then you will know that everything in life was created by God or the Cosmos or Source or whatever you want to call it. Whatever you believe, it’s all created. It’s all there for us to use, so how can it be evil in any way, shape, or form? Once you make peace with that knowledge, you can grow exponentially. It will be such a beautiful path for you!

What Is the Meaning of Magic Circle for You?

Stay away from blogs or books that negatively connote witchcraft. Sometimes, you read something that takes you back. I remember when I first started, I read about casting circles.
People often ask about how to cast a circle. If you create your sacred space of pure love and energy and bless your house daily, making it a positive space, you don’t always need to cast a circle.

Casting the circle is perfect for helping you get into that mindset, especially if you’re going to cast spells. It’s beautiful to create a bubble of protection around yourself to keep your own or drive all the energy surrounding your body through your hands and into the intent of whatever you’re working with.

When I first read about casting circles, I read somewhere in a blog post that you will feel the presence of some entities around you when you cast a circle. It was scary because then, in my mind, I envisioned shadow people sitting in the corners of the room checking out what I was doing. So, I stopped doing the circle casting and focused on going outside.

At that time, I felt safer going outside than being locked away in a room casting spells. I would go out and read books. I like to chill with some tea and some candles and create this magical space from the outside.

What do I realize?

Then I realized that it was all in my head, and I was creating this negative connotation of casting circles. I realized I felt better outside with crystals and working with different resins, blessing tools, and consecrating things.

When I became drawn to that, I continuously cast magic outside. I started making a little sacred space in my tiny apartment yard. My fear pointed me in the right direction.

That is why, again, I always say, follow your intuition and lead with your heart because, eventually, you’ll learn. You’ll learn from your mistakes and the harmful or destructive stuff. Remember that everything is a lesson.

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To Be a Solitary Witch or to Join a Coven?

If you’re seeking a path of witchcraft and want to join a coven, be mindful of who you are participating with. You share a lot of profound energy with the people you will collaborate with. Knowing them before you start working magic with them is a good idea.

Who are they as a person? Do they consume much alcohol or drugs, have low energy daily, or are they highly vibrant? What energy are you trying to attract into your magical work and life? Because whatever you put out, you’re going to get that.

So, if you want to work black magic, you will receive that energy back. You’ll receive that energy back if you operate a neutral path and do grey magic. The same goes for white magic.

The magic is neutral. The people you will bring into your life are neutral until you get to know them. If you want to join a coven, research, hang out, and get to know them well. Please ensure they are your friends before joining their coven.

Because you don’t know what kind of energy they’re bringing, and you want to be mindful of that at all times. You don’t know what they might be doing outside your magical spells and want to be insightful.

I stress this a lot because it is essential. It’s like when you’re in a relationship with someone. You want the people you’re in a relationship with to be terrific in heart, good in mind, have pure energy, and match your energy levels. You need the same if you’re practising magic with someone.

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