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Wicca Herbal Magic Correspondences, Kitchen Witchery

Shamans, healers, and other medicine individuals have used herbs’ valuable properties for centuries. Herbal magic possesses healing power for our physical well-being and magical power for our spiritual wellness. Many different species of plants formed their origin. Herbs form a large portion of the green witch’s practice.

126 Pagan Magical Plants, Spaces and Herbs Correspondence, Kitchen Witchery, Basic Witchcraft, Green Witch Grimoire Magic Guide
126 Pagan Magical Plants, Spaces and Herbs Correspondence

The History of Herbal Magic

In the spiritual and magical world, the term “herb” cover flowers, bits of trees, spices, and all sorts of plants.

Herbs have magical uses that can help you expand spirituality and do intensely practical things like creating more success, prosperity, and protection from negative influences.

Herbs are used in numerous forms of spellwork. In many ancient traditions, smudging for purifying or blessing a space is a near-universal method. It has also made its way into contemporary Witchcraft.

Resins are concentrated, dried products made from plants and trees and used as herbs. Suitable for some spells, primarily for their scents, are musk and ambergris delivered from animals.

People have used herbs and herbal blends for millennia to alter their world.

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Wicca Herbal Magic Correspondences

126 Pagan Magical Plants, Spaces and Herbs Correspondence, Kitchen Witchery, Basic Witchcraft, Green Witch Grimoire Magic Guide
Kitchen Witchery, Basic Witchcraft

Herbs are believed to have correspondence. It is a Wiccan term that refers to the alignment of the herbs. This can be a difficult concept to grasp fully for those who are new to herbalism and Wicca. It is essential for the adequate use of herbs in a magical context.

The best way to understand this concept is to think of each plant as an individual, like you would a person or an animal. You as a person have a gender, you have a planet that is dominant in your life, and you have an element that is most resonant to you.

Even if you don’t know your planet or element of focus, they exist.
Herbs function similarly and are often sacred to specific divine entities. To properly use the herbs, you must know the correspondence that is:

  • their gender,
  • their planet,
  • their element,
  • to which divine entity they are sacred.

Only by understanding these things can you properly work with a herb.

Just as you would be ineffective if forced to work with an element that is not your natural resonant element, our herbs will be weak if used without respect to their correspondence.

The other aspect of herbal correspondence is each herb’s specific power or meaning. Using a plant corresponding to power in a protective spell may or may not work as well as you had hoped.

Fortunately, many grimoires and other references provide accurate, detailed information regarding each herb’s correspondence, herbal magic and meaning.

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Plants and herbs possess magical power

Basic Witchcraft, Green Witch Grimoire Magic Guide
Plants and herbs possess magical power

The concept of plants, specifically herbs, as a form of intelligent life is gaining traction. Scientific studies are beginning to confirm what healers and shamans across the globe have known for years that herbs are intelligent.

According to recent studies, plants have real and well-documented intelligence. It is not the same intelligence as our own, of course. Consider the basic definition of intelligence: the ability to solve problems. Plants do this. They develop techniques that allow them to flourish when the environment changes, develop defences against predators and maximize the use of their resources.

All these are the actions of an intelligent creature.

The most important aspect of plants as intelligent life is that they are infused with the spirit and power of nature itself. That gives plants herbal magic powers, which is why they are so potent when used in spells.

With this understanding of plants as intelligent, we must make careful and deliberate choices when cutting them for use in spells. We would not senselessly destroy an animal for our use without thought and consideration. We should give plants that same respect. (Source)

Why do you need a special herbal box?

If you’re a practising Wicca and used to smudges or have created your mojo bag, you must have a proper way to keep and safely store all these herbs. A magical herb box not only will protect your herbs’ physical and healing properties. It will protect them spiritually because herbs absorb the energies of their surroundings.

The magical herb boxes are convenient, well-protected and safe. You can leave it on your altar, knowing your magical items are well-protected and secure. In addition to herbs, they could safely hold your other spell items like gemstones, crystals, tarot cards, or rune stones. (Source)

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