Everyday Magic Housekeeping Tips for Home

Transform your home into an excellent catalyst for personal energy and manifestation using everyday magic ideas. Implement those simple housekeeping tips to create a peaceful atmosphere, while enhancing your magical ability, happiness, and intuition.

Everyday Magic Housekeeping Tips for Home Wicca Witchcraft

 Housekeeping Tips for Home

Create Witch Bottles and visualize shields around your house to protect it.

Add salt in the corners of the room or on the windows

When your house is well organized, energy flow will be adequately balanced

Open your windows regularly to allow the evil energies to leave with the Air element.

Place chairs, furniture or plants in the corners of the house to allow better energy flow. Never leave them empty as they are an excellent place for a gathering of dormant energies (According to the Feng Shui philosophy).

Wash your windows with vinegar. They will they be clean, and Air related energies will bless your home.Witches Broom Pentagram Wall Plaque

When moving to another house, never take the old broom you use to sweep the floor with you. That will also bring your old house’s negative energies.

Buy a bag of salt, keep it on a shelf and never use it. It is an old saying that bad luck will come to the house if the salt runs out,

To attract positive energy and blessings for everybody in the house, place sigils or other magical symbols under your carpet.

Place a broom upside down facing the back of your front door. It will drive away people who want bad things to happen to you or dislike you. Everything you need to smudge yourself and your space

To avoid negative energies, nail three nails on the outside of your home door to form a trian Blank Books, Diaries & Journals At All Wicca Store Magickal Supplies

Draw sigils for growth and health on the houseplants pots, to help them grow better.

After making your bed in the morning, put a small broom under your pillow. You will have a more restful sleep later, without negative energies lingering in your bed.

Keep a dream journal, write down the dreams you had the night before and analyze them to see some aspects of your life differently. Your subconscious mind can help you to make the right decisions.

Everyday Magic -Which direction to sleep

Greenman Summer Wall Plaque. The masculine form of the Divine, The Greenman is an ancient symbol long used by Pagans but also for any of us that celebrate nature.Bed facing North- The North is a symbol of prosperity, stability, calm, and fast recovery from illnesses.

Bed facing East – The East is the direction from which the sun rises. It is a symbol of religion and spirituality, freedom of thought and intelligence. Following the natural course, we should sleep from east to west.

Bed facing West – sleeping with your head facing West helps psychic abilities, the magic of dreams, promotes love, spirituality and increases sensitivity.

Sleeping facing South is not recommended. You may suffer from insomnia or have many diseases.

These are just some practical examples how to implement everyday magic in your daily life, especially if you live in big cities.
Learn more about everyday magic housekeeping tips for home from Scott Cunningham’s book “The Magical Household: Spells and Rituals for the Home.”


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