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Candle magic is one of the easiest and most uncomplicated to apply. The core of your actions is lighting a candle and formulating a wish following magical correspondences days of the week. That simplicity didn’t undermine its effectiveness and advantages that have compared with other forms of magic.

Wiccan candle magic spells

All four elements are invariably included in candle magic. The real candle represents the element of Earth. When it comes in contact with Fire, the candle starts to melt, creating liquid (Water) and smoke (Air).

  • The ceremonies are simple but highly effective
  • The simple ceremony works as well as the elaborate ones
  • The tools are remarkably cheap or could be easily handmade
  • You can start immediately, and experience fast results
  • The rites can be implemented indoors or outdoors
  • Candle Magic has a variety of rituals for almost any occasion.

When you burn the candles with a clear goal in mind, they become powerful tools, enabling you to perform real magic. From the person making the request the energy and focus on the desired results are sent out and manifested into the Universe.

As the candle burns, it becomes a link between the mind of the practitioner making the application and the Universal Mind. The candle is a tangible item, transmuting into the spirits the intent as it burns and performs incredibly powerful magic.

Candle burning is quite intricate. There are certain days best for certain candle prayers, and there are also certain times within the lunar cycle that are best for certain types of affirmations. There are even different energies attracted or repelled depending upon the colour of the candle. Here are some of the best times to burn your candles to attract what you want.

Magical Correspondences Days of the Week

Sunday is the Sun’s day
It’s an excellent day for:
– the banishment of negative energies
– attracting healing energies
Suitable are: Banishing and Healing Candles

Monday is the Moon’s day
It’s an excellent day for:
– intentions involving communication.
– legal settlement
Suitable are: Legal Aid and Fresh Start Candles

Tuesday is Mars’s day
It’s an excellent day for:
– overcoming physical challenges
– succeeding with personal struggles
Suitable are: Mental Power and Success Candles

Wednesday is Mercury’s day
It’s an excellent day for:
-business transactions
– study, exams, travel, divination, and wisdom
Suitable are: Happiness and Magnet Candles

Thursday is Jupiter’s day
It’s an excellent day for:
– attracting luck and expansion
bringing material success, money, wealth, and prosperity
Suitable are: Money and Lucky Candles

Friday is Venus’s day.
It’s an excellent day for:
affirmations regarding your love life.
– relationship or partnership development
Suitable are: Passion and Love Candles

Saturday is Saturn’s day.
It’s an excellent day for:
– a major change in your life.
-finding lost items or locating a missing person
Suitable are: Spirit Summons and Success Candles