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Blank Book of Shadows, Wiccan Leather Bound Spell Book

Today I looked for a new blank Book of Shadows as a present for my friend. She dreams of a baby and together we will collect and write on her new leather bound spell book fertility spells, rituals, magical correspondences, and chants.

Blank Book of Shadows, Wiccan Leather Bound Spell Book Moonstone & Mother Goddess of fertility blank spell book, increase fertility

She is determined to have a child as soon as possible, and I’m on a mission to help her. I prefer when the blank book of shadows cover is real leather. When I spotted this one on Bonanza, I was confident that this was the best gift I could find for her.

This leather bound spell book has almost everything I was looking for: excellent leather finish, Goddess on the cover with a lovely Moonstone attached.

The cover of this blank Book of Shadows is hand-embossed with an image of the pagan Mother Goddess Gaia-Luna. Gaia is the mythological mother of all life: the primal Mother Earth Goddess. Because of her association with the rhythms of the lunar cycle, she is shown with the crescent moon above her head.

What are Moonstone benefits to increase fertility?

The Moonstone is a symbol of Mother Goddess gift of fertility. Moonstone is one of the most widely used gemstones in modern Wicca practice.  A firm belief in the ‘virtues’ of Moonstone can be traced back to ancient times. It simultaneously calms and encourages, and reunites us with the magical rhythms of our life. Moonstone is above all the talisman of the inner journey, reaching into the depths of the soul to heal and make whole.

It can be worn during and after sex to help pregnancy to occur, boosting feminine energy and is a stone of love. By focusing on love, instead of pregnancy during lovemaking, chanceleather bound spell book, blank book of shadows moonstones can be increased with this rock.

According to the description, the blank Book of Shadows can be custom made with the variety of gemstones such as Amethyst, Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli, or Tiger Eye. The moonstone is a jewelry-quality gem which I sourced in Ratnapura, Sri Lanka.

Blank Book of Shadows quality

The leather-bound spellbook is handmade from old buffalo hide, dyed with a natural ‘Spanish Brown’ dye. The page count looks sufficient for the information my friend is planning to include in her Book of Shadows. It contains 100 pages (200 sides for writing) of ivory cartridge paper. The book looks fantastic when closed with a traditional medieval-style tie-strap of goatskin thong. The cover’s measures are 9 x 5.5 inches (22.5×14 cm).Blank Book of Shadows Leather Bound Spell Book BoS Handmade Book blank spell book Handmade Leather Book of Shadows

The ‘chapters’ of paper are very sturdy stitched into the leather cover with a traditional ‘Italian’ stitch. This style of binding guarantees a long life.

The leather is fantastic looking, and is vintage, from working animals that have come to the end of their lives.

This book is one of the best leather Book of Shadows I found on the market today. The seller has an excellent variety of items, 199 to be precise, and 100% positive feedback. I’m pretty confident that my gift will be lovely.



Wrapping It Up

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