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Witchcraft, or the craft of the wise, and the Wicca religion have many historical strands. As a belief, it was feared by the druids, Romans and other civilizations. As a religion, it was persecuted, and hundreds of thousands of people were killed just on suspicion of being a witch. It has been misunderstood and practised in secret, and various strands have gone in various directions, some later joining again. Continue reading

Magic Spells, witchcraft and magic all start with your mind. What are the top five reasons your magic spell success is low? Magic spells are part of working with the elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and also the element of Spirit. We are working with the unity of spirit and the spirit that’s all living things around us. It’s all the energy we’re putting into the Universe and the energy we expect to receive back.

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A wardrobe can be of great importance to any ritual practitioner. Like a uniform, the Wiccan clothing, whether a simple pin or an elaborate ritual robe, can symbolise a transformation between your humanity and your astral existence. How you dress affects your feelings and success in most human activities. Some people do candle burning in everyday clothes and enjoy reasonable success.

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