Awakening Your Psychic Powers

Develop powerful and efficient ways for the awakening your psychic powers and higher consciousness. By connecting with your psychic abilities, you can remember why you’re here and the gifts you have to share with this world.

Awakening Your Psychic Powers

 Awakening Your Psychic Powers – First Steps

Chakra Energizing Kit. The Chakras are the seven energy centers of the human body. They enhance our physical, mental and spiritual well being.The first step is just tuning in to stronger points of your awareness. That’s what you need to work further. You might need to sit and think back to what were your experiences as a child

  • where you’ve seen faeries, where you’ve seen apparitions, where you heard things.
  • Were you getting a sense of things when you would walk into places and what did you tune out and why did you tune it out
  • at what age did you tune it out

Make a mental note of everything that you’re collecting during those meditations. If you’re just sitting and jotting down notes or doing automatic writing, let it comes to you. You will know what your stronger points and psychic abilities are. Those are the ones that you can work first on fine-tuning.

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Awakening Your Psychic Powers – Understanding Patterns

Next, you need to understand patterns. Everything in this world is made up of forms: from the Fibonacci spiral to the flower life. It is in our DNA, and we are all part of the sacred Universe.

We are all creatures of habit, and we tend to do things in repetition. When you see a pattern develop while you’re starting to fall into a state of depression, stop and figure out why! What have you done that has led you to this point?

If you’re doing a reading for someone and they’re telling you they have relationship issues etc., you need to find out what’s triggering that. Why are they being drawn to bad relationship habits and bad relationships in general? What is it that they are attracted? Maybe they had a childhood trauma that is now changing the way they think as an adult.

Abundance Soy Glass Votive Spell Candle Use Abundance Soy Herbal Candle to attract prosperity, increase success and obtain material possessions.Unravel why they still attached to the old ways. Awaken to the bigger picture, pay attention to everything you do and how you’re getting to that point. When you recognize the patterns, it is straightforward to understand the future.

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Be aware of what you eat and consume. If you want to raise your vibration levels, you need to be healthy, and you need to eat healthily. “You are what you eat,” and that is the only way you can reliably grow to your fullest potential. Health is wealth, and if you’re not eating correctly, you’re going to lead to discomfort and pain. It leads to cloudy auras and negative energy.

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