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Number 108 is considered to be a sacred number, representing the spiritual coordinates of the Universe. Meditation beads are used by people all over the world as a symbol and reminder of their life journey. 108 mala beads signify the mortal desires of humanity.Chakra Bracelet, Wand Pendant & Chakra Money Activation Program

Chakras are the energy centers of the body. When properly aligned, our chakras maintain our health and wellness. 3000 years ago, the knowledge of chakras had already been dated in India.

When it starts to fall apart, we:

  • find ourselves in a state of unease
  • start to feel sick;
  • have difficulty expressing ourselves,
  • are irrational and emotional (in an unhealthy way);
  • as well as other issues.

There are a total of 7 chakras, from the base of your spine up through your abdomen, chest, throat, and up to the crown of your head.

Do you want to take this chance to help you open up your 7 chakras? Chakras can do more than just maintain your physical and mental health. When properly aligned and focused, your chakras will open you up to powerful change and improvement. Chakra Money Activation Program

The Chakra Wealth Activation program will help you center and align your 7 chakras so that you can open your Self to new wealth and opportunities.

When you are fully aligned you will discover that you have the ability within you to start making those changes that will get you to your goals. Are you ready to reach your goals?

What does the 7 chakra bracelets do?

Chakras are the sensors in the body that receive and release energy. They significantly affect your emotions and the way you interact with others. It is essential to keep them aligned. Use this bracelet as a daily reminder to retain your life, and chakras, in balance.

This stunning genuine crystal stone chip bracelet has energetic power from not only the alignment of the stones in the formation of our chakras, but also the genuine crystal stones themselves.
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The Crown Chakra disperses energy from the Universe into the 6 Chakras below. Chakra beads which represent it, deepen your meditation and take your spiritual awareness to the next level.

The Third Eye Chakra helps you see situations with a clear perspective. 7 Chakra bracelet beads channel intelligence and psychic power and open the connection to Spirit Guardians.

The Throat Chakra is your communication center to express your creative and artistic side. 7 Chakra bracelet enhances communication and prepares the mind to receive wisdom and insights.

The Heart Chakra is positioned right in the center of your body. It is the love center; joy, happiness and compassion radiate, balancing the world of spirit and matter. When your Heart Chakra is well balanced, you feel a profound sense of love and compassion for everyone and everything.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is your core of personal strength, understanding, and growth. When you ask for guidance, it receives those signals from the Universe that appear to you.

The Sacral Chakra controls our sense of connection. It signifies our openness to others. When it is in the balance, you and your relationships are compassionate, spontaneous, and stable.

The Root Chakra represents your grounds in this world. It helps you feel protected, grounded, and secure. When is in the balance, you feel self-confident, relaxed, empowered and centered.

This genuine crystal wand chakra pendant necklace have substantial energetic power
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7 Chakra Wand Pendant for you

Restore and balance your chakras while wearing this 7 Chakra Wand Pendant jewelry.  This chakra jewelry can be a great tool in your journey to wellness and more profound understanding when you practice meditation and yoga.

These stunning genuine crystal wand chakra necklaces have substantial energetic power from not only the alignment of the stones in the formation of our chakras, but also from the large pointed crystal wand pendant itself.

This gorgeous necklace comes in a choice 7 different genuine crystals, each with their own healing properties and uses!

A traditional quality silver lobster claw closure and beaded chain come standard with this stunning necklace. You can put this gorgeous pendant on any necklace chain of your choice though – it just slips off!

Pendant size: 6.4 x 1.6 x 1.1cm

Vibrant, powerful, unique, and energetically harmonizing, this gorgeous necklace is perfect for spiritual yogis, alternative medicine, reiki practitioners, and even fashion enthusiasts.

All of our crystal jewelry is blessed before sending to ensure optimal positivity and energetic harmony.