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Reiki Self-Healing, Treatment, Therapy and Training

I've done some reviews for alternative health products, and when I came across a product called Pure Reiki Healing, I decided to learn more about Reiki self-healing implementation.What I found was

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How to Get Spiritual Power Through Meditation

How to get spiritual power through meditation with the best possinble results? As you can see, magic is more than words or objects. The power is within you, in your mind. Tools help us focus, but alwa

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Chakra Healing Stones, 7 Chakra Stone Pendant

Chakra healing jewelry maintains balance in your seven energy centers. Chakra healing stones are blocking negative energies and boosting positive expectancy in all we do.My friend Sarah, over at C

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How Does Chakras Meditation Bring Balance to Your Life

Discover chakras meditation and how to bring balance to your life by strengthening your energy ecosystem. In the Universe, everything is energy. Leave your stress and anxiety behind. Bring order and b

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