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How to Light a Candle with Magic?

Candle magic is one of the easiest and uncomplicated to apply. The core of your actions is lighting a candle and formulate a wish. That simplicity didn't undermine its effectiveness and advantages tha

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Spells That Really Work in Real Life – Case Study

I have been a believer in magic since I was a child. I never knew how to get going. I've been struggling for a long time with my self-esteem and confidence. And I haven't been myself since my Mom died

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Real Magic Spells That Work for Beginners – Q&A

Many people around the world don't understand Witchcraft or Magic. Some think it's wrong, for others it is "strange." Yes, you could have the same magic power, just learn the best real magic spells th

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Magic Energy How to Control & Project it?

The raising and releasing of magic energy toward a purpose or goal is one of the most crucial phases of creating magic. We could think of energy as a power, coming from many sources. What is magic en

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Magic Spells That Really Work with Candles – Case Study

You are desperate to find a job! You must earn some income to have food and a roof over your head. Looking for magic spells that really work, you are going to a friend of a friend with a reputation th

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Black Magic and How Effective is Candle Magic?

Black Magic is a discipline which, to be done correctly, needs to be carefully planned and executed, should never be done lightly, and in a hurry. When it comes right down to black magic, we are ma

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How Does Candle Magic Work in Wiccan Rituals?

Prophets, wise men, and mystics have used the candle magic to disperse the negativity of their lives since ancient times. Symbolic prayers have been used to direct the light of the Universal mind into

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