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White Magic Spells – Beginner Spells Q&A

Many people around the world don’t understand white magic spells. Some think it’s wrong, for others it is “strange.” Yes, you could have the same magic power, just learn the best real beginner spells that work from this excellent Spell Casting System.

Real white magic spells for beginners – Q&A

White Magic Spells - Beginner Spells Q&A spells of magic for beginnersQ. Why do magic spells work?

A. The magic spell is energy, directed towards a specific target to produce the desired outcome. Energy is an incredibly powerful element that we all have. Energy formed everything on this Earth.
How do we direct energy to make something happen? We can direct energy and tell it what to do when we perform a ritual or cast a spell. Asking the Earth, Moon, Mother Nature, and God are ways to put out into the universe our wants and desires.

Q. Do magic spells that work instantly exist?

A. Spells are like prayers for Christians, a way of communicating your intents and desires with the forces of nature in the universe. Spells are also a way of interacting with the gods and goddesses in our world so they can help us with our problems. Typically, it takes days or sometimes weeks before you start to see effects of your spells. For the best result, find real spells from a reputable source.

Q. Do I need expensive (or strange) materials to cast white magic spells?

A. You do not have to use fancy and mysterious materials to cast spells. Use of real herbs, incense, candles, oils, flowers, and leaves are enough. You need to focus on the emotion and the intent in your spells. Using tools when casting spells just helps to direct your energy towards your intended outcome. To learn from the knowledgeable white witch, visit the Natural Magic Shop. They are genuine “Magick supplies, ritually-crafted for the modern practitioner.”  They have almost everything you will need about casting Wiccan spells.

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Q. Must anyone who casts spells worship Satan?

A. Not at all, every spell is carefully cast to be sure it would not harm anyone. We cast good spells, not evil ones because we know that evil is evil and what goes around eventually comes around. We do not want to hurt people! We want to love and protect them and bring success to everyone.

Q. What happens when spells backfire?

A. One result of a backfiring spell is that it just won’t work. A spell that fails may also cause the opposite effect of the initial intention. Rather than creating love as initially intended, the backfired love spell instead caused dislike or hate. Backfired spells may also cause harm to the caster. This is because energy is inherently volatile, and the manipulation of any energy is potentially dangerous.

Q. Do you protect yourself from spells backfiring?

A. We know that there are small groups of magic practitioners who deliberately try to harm people with the power they possess. Wiccans and pagan followers firmly believe in the Law of Threefold. This Universal law essentially means that “whatever is done would return back in threefold.” In this sense spells do not backfire, it just says that whatever is done will come back. Positive thoughts and wishes, and good intentions cannot create adverse effects. Learn the best spells from a professional to avoid disappointments.

Q. Where to find real witches spells that work?

A. Many people attempt to cast spells themselves and fail miserably. Not every book from the library or printed out spells from the internet are the authentic ones. Spells and Magic are quite real IF you know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. As a beginner, these simple facts are essential. Discover and implement spells of magic for beginners with this proven system, helped many to cast successful spells. 

White magic spells are the most powerful spiritual forces in the Universe. They work alongside nature and science to bring real positive changes to people’s lives. Casting spell is easy, fun, and powerful. Give it a try and see for yourself. Join this exclusive and elite club of people who can control the world around them, and who rule the Universe!

Q&A Why do magic spells work? Do magic spells that work instantly really exist? Where to find real magic spells that work for beginners? How spells backfire? Quality witchcraft school online, witchcraft courses and lessons
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