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Numerology 9 Love Life

When you have Numerology 9 Love Life, you are creative, compassionate, and giving. In the bedroom, the Life Path 9 is incredibly romantic.You’ll do anything within your power to be known as Prin

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Numerology 8 Love Life

When you have Numerology 8 Love Life, you are lucky, forceful, and opinionated. In the bedroom, you’re often “large and in charge.”For Life Path 8, sex associates with authority. You’re le

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Numerology 7 Love Life

When you have Numerology 7 Love Life, you are mysterious, analytical, and a deep thinker. You’re often unpredictable and super-sexy in the bedroom.It’s as you’re hiding the key to your soul

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Numerology 6 Love Life

When you have Numerology 6 Love Life, you are responsible, magnetic, and family-oriented. In the bedroom, you’re the “cosmic parent” and desire a certain level of perfection with sexual expressi

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Numerology 5 Love Life

When you have Numerology 5 Love Life, you are resourceful, fearless, and adventurous. You are built for a vibrant and adventurous sex life.You want to feel it all, explore it all, and satisfy the

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Numerology 4 Love Life

When you have Numerology 4 Love Life, you are accessible, compatible, and loyal. You tend toward tactile yet practical in the bedroom. Yours is a very “earthy” vibe. You’re a very “sexual” p

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Numerology 2 Love Life

As a numerology 2 love life, you’re loving, giving, and devoted if you’re in your groove with the optimal elements of your 2 Life Path.  In the bedroom, you instinctively feel your partner's desi

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Love Astrology by Date of Birth

What does numerology say about love life?Do you and your partner can enjoy lasting love? With the help of love astrology by date of birth, find out if your relationship can lead to something more. K

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